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American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

California Federation of Mineralogical Societies

El Dorado County Mineral and Gem Society

Reno Gem and Mineral Society

Kern County Mineral Society

Sacramento Mineral Society

Peninsula Gem & Geology Society

Mineral & Gem Society of Castro Valley

Santa Clara Valley Gem & Mineral Society

Santa Cruz Mineral & Gem Society

Santa Rosa Mineral & Gem Society

Suncoast Gem & Mineral Society

Deming Gem & Mineral Society

Antioch Lapidary Club

Contra Costa Mineral & Gem Society

United States Faceters Guild

Mindat.org "The largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website on the internet," containing worldwide data on minerals, mineral collecting, mineral localities and other mineralogical information.

American Opal Society A non-profit organization whose primary purpose is promoting interest, knowledge and enjoyment of opal.

American Land Access Association A non-profit organization whose purpose is promoting and ensuring the right of the amateur hobby collecting, recreational prospecting and mining, and the use of public and private lands for educational and recreational purposes.

Additional Sites of Interest

American Masters of Stone - Dedicated to North American artists working with stone using the techniques defined as "Commesso" or "Intarsia," this site is in the process of cataloging every North American artist who has created a Commesso (Intarsia), hoping to raise this ancient art form to the level of fine art it deserves, and further dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the craft.

Washington State Jade - A diverse collection of jade from Washington State and the Pacific Northwest

Friends of Jade - Home of the Friends of Jade. A fine web site with extensive articles and adchives of every kind of jade from locations all around the world. If you want to understand jade, this would be a great place to get started.

McRocks - Ostensibly dedicated to rock, gem and mineral collecting in the Southeastern U.S., McRocks really covers the entire country through it's active and extensive meassage board. Lots of field-trip reports and how to articles.

The International Gem Society - "Dedicated to bringing quality information and educational services to everyone interested in gemstones."

GemologyOnline.com - "An interactive gemmological resource dedicated to a better understanding of the relationship between man and gemstones - exploring not only the mineralogical aspects of gemstones but also their lore and legend."

GemologyOnline.com Forum - "A non-profit Forum for the exchange of gemological ideas."

International Lapidary Association - Born from the extensive work of Hale Sweeney's Lapidary Digest, archiving hundreds of volumes consisting of thousands of articles and tips pertaining to lapidary arts.

MineralWorld - An extensive catalog of agates from around the world which can be accessed from a navigable world map or an alphabetical list of locations. Very fine detailed photo's, but your browser must be configured to the site's specification for the best functionality.

The Quartz Page - "...a website about the mineral quartz." A well organized and growing site with loads of well presented data about everything quartz.

The Agate Page - Roger Pabian's Agate Lexicon is an old resource dating to the early days of the web.

Agates with Inclusions - Pat McMahan is a major agate collector of sagenitic and plume agates.


Web sites or web pages of speakers who have given presentations to the SFGMS at our regular monthy meetings.

Geoscapes Photography - John Karachewski, Ph.D., specializing in geologic and natural history landscape photography of the western United States

DStretch - Jon Harmon, member SFGMS, uses decorrelation stretch image enhancement technology first developed for remote sensing to resolve faint petrographs otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Earth's Treasures - Rick Kennedy is a well known Bay Area geologist with a particular affinity for Benitoite. Besides his extensive collection of California's State Gemstone, Rick has also built-up a fine collection of rare faceted stones.

Dan Tenenbaum - Gus Farber, Estate Jewelers - Dan Tenenbaum has been an active buyer, seller and appraiser of fine estate jewelry, gems, antique jewelry, timepieces, decorative arts, Asian arts, silver, paintings and sculptures since 1964. He spoke to our club about Jade.

Josie Iselin - Josie Iselin is an artist/photographer/author and avid collector of beach rocks, shells, fossils and more. In producing 5 books (so far), she has developed some great techniques for creating her fine imagery.

Olivia Competente - Olivia Competente is a certified instructor in PMC (precious metal clay) and teaches courses in it along with numerous other jewelry arts at the Sharon Arts Studio in San Francisco

Commercial Links of Interest to Members and Friends

We add "commercial" links that we think will be useful or interesting for the convenience of our members and site-users. The San Francisco Gem & Mineral Society does not officially endorse or represent any commercial enterprise.

UPrinting.com - UPrinting.com is very friendly to non-profit organizations. They offer extra discounts with their handy online full-service printing.

U-DIG Fossils - Dig your own trilobite and other mid-Cambrian fossils in Utah

California State Gem Mine - The offical site of the Benitoite Gem Mine.

Benitoite Mine - John Veevaert's "everything about" Benitoite site... and the place to order Benitoite rough to etch yourself.

GoldMaps.com - Find out where the gold is... Panning locations for California, plus lots of gold & rock links.

Lapidary Solutions - Supplier of commercial grade machinery, parts and equipment for the lapidary professional and hobbyist

Royston Turquoise - High grade offerings of Royston turquoise, everything from rough material to finished jewelry, from the Durango Silver Company.

The Otteson Family's Tonopah Turquoise Online Store - Owners of numerous mines, including the Royston Mine and the White Buffalo, The Otteson's offer tours and fee digs for some of the finest turquoise in Nevada.

Silverhawk's Designer Gemstones - A commercial site with extensive galleries of exqusitely crafted cabochons in hundreds of varieties through masterful cutting.

The Gem Shop - A great online rock shop featuring an extensive inventory of rough material with new rocks added regularly.

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