Photo's of exhibitor cases at the 54th Annual SFGMS Show, Aug., 2008

Photos by Bob Kozak, Dave Bier and Kevin Anderson

In keeping with the theme of the 2008 show, Jim Ambrose displayed a collection of California's State Rock - Serpentine.

Petrology of the 38th Parallel, in Northern California, by Lawrence Sincich.

Club Vice President, G.G. and gemology instructor at City College, Wanda Simpson-Baczek's display on gem identification.

Si and Ann Frazier's exhibit of fine collectable California agate, jasper and quartz - made into amazing gems. The sphere on the right is an exceptional sample of Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper.

A second display by Wanda Simpsonp-Bazcek, G.G., This one showing classic california rock and mineral examples.

A stunning exhibit of pearl necklaces and loose pearls by Ellen Nott.

Susan Platania displayed a selection of her fine chain maille work, and Nancy Kurtz a selection of necklaces.

Serendipity can play a big role in finding rocks and gems. Raina Woolfolk displayed a selection of unexpected finds while in pursuit of other treasures in California.

Jennifer Kopatz combines the work of many club members into a group display from the Monday Night and Friday Night classes at the clubhouse.

This is a fine display of just a tiny amount of the rodenite collected at the club's mine in Northern California. The plaque on the left signifies our membership in the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies. The club usually sponsors at least one field trip to "The Spider Mine" each year.

Wednesday Night instructor Rosabelle Gold displayed part of her fine collection of amethyst and agate.

This beautiful collection of imperial jasper by Ben and Ellen Nott was overwhelming.

Rick Kennedy displayed a small sample from his excellent collection of rare and unusual minerals.

Mary Sue Bucher, Tuesday Night beading instructor, displayed examples of her fine craft.

Jennifer Mack illustrates how to enjoy all aspects of club membership with samples covering nearly everything available: Beautiful bead work, jewelry making, silversmithing, lapidary (cabochon cutting and sphere making) and gem faceting.

Ken and Bonnie Lai display material gathered on club field-trips all over Northern and Central California - proof of the treasures we have near at hand.

John Montgomery of the Reno Gem & Mineral Society displayed a fine and varied exhibit of finished gems with examples of the rough material adjacent.

A wonderful exhibit of fossilized tree ferns by Gail Mathews of the Santa Clara Valley Gem & Mineral Society.

An excellent display of California jades, with finished jewelry, by Lockie Kellogg. Note the incredible translucent botryoidal nephrite jade in the center!

A fine selection of minerals from the collection of John Melhase.

A very nice display of self-collected minerals by the intrepid Barb Matz, with photo's of each collection site.

"The Joy of Lapidary - Examples of items a member can make in our workshop," featuring results from 40 years enjoyment of The San Francisco Gem & Mineral Society. Presented by Ione Brain.

A very tasteful and elegant display of Lapis Lazuli rough and beautifully crafted finished jewelry by Theresa Langhans of the Reno Gem & Mineral Society.

A whimsical and wonderful past project of The San Francisco Gem & Mineral Society, the jade train and town was built entirely of jade by club members.

David Chittenden displayed an impressive representation of jumbo-sized California quartz from the Grizzly Ridge Mine in Plumas County, Northern California.

Club President Bob Kozak presented an impressive sampling of material collected by club members on club sponsored field trips - including rodenite from the Spider Mine in Northern California, exceptional turquoise from the Royston Claim near Tonapah, Nevada, precious opal from Virgin Valley, Nevada, blue agate from Mt. Airy Nevada, excellent petrified wood from Hampton Butte, Oregon, and world famous sunstone from Plush, Oregon.

Longtime member Francis McFarland exhibited work from many years of effort in the workshop at the clubhouse.

Jack Halpern presents "Crystals Beneath the Pines."

One of two displays by Harry and Mary White loaded with excellent examples from many years of collecting in California.

Irwin Phillips presented a sublime display of "Bolas and Buckles" tastefully assembled from years of careful material selection and cutting.

A selection of unusual smokey quartz and amethyst scepter material from the Inyo Mountains of California, collected by Michael and Cora Anderson, presented by Kevin Anderson along with a selection of his gem cutting and jewelry work.

Dan Evanich of the Bay Area Mineralogists presented a fine collection or the lead molybdate mineral, wulfenite and associated minerals.

Harry and Mary White's second case of California collected materials, this one featuring the Clear Creek area in San Benito County, including rare and valuable benitoite, Clear Creek jade, serpentine and garnet.

A dramatic presentation of California jades, presented by Sharon Luckman.

Club member "Curry" presented his fine collection of Berkeley agate - collected from the Berkeley hills down to the low tide shallows along the Bay near Emoryville.

An absolutely stunning display of agitized limb-casts, presented by Alberta Carter of the Reno Gem & Mineral Society.

An exciting display (as usual) from the California Academy of Sciences featuring world class gem crystals and their highly valuable cut forms. Exceptional pieces in the case included spodumine, tourmaline, topaz, beryl (aquamarine and morganite), olivine (peridot), corundum (ruby and sapphire) and diamond.

Sharon Lockman and Dennis Perkins presented this unique display of Brazilian agate slabs, mounted and back-lit to provide full impact.

Joe Dempsey presented a full range of his free-form work. Every gem in this case was hand held for for shaping and cutting.

The California Academy of Sciences presented this exceptional sampling from the collection of famous California collector Magnus Vonson, discoverer of vonsonite and Vonson blue jade (found in Petaluma, CA). Note the huge benitoite crystal in the right foreground!

The San Francisco Crystal Gazers presented a stunning display of minerals in crystal form, including two unbelievable crystal gold specimens.

Club Member Carlene Mont-Eton presented an impressive sampling from her years of collecting and fine jewelry creation.

A fine display of the work being accomplished by the Tuesday Night bead class, instructed by Mary Sue Bucher.

An impressive selection of mineral specimens, field collected and presented by the Bay Area Mineralogists.

Beautiful creations of club member Gena Davies Hook.

A fine collection of petrified wood from California and nearby states, presented by Jay Bates.

Spheres made by Jay Bates from materials collected in and around California. Jay also instructs sphere-making at the clubhouse on Friday Nights.

Stan Bogosian of the Peninsula Gem & Mineral Society presented a fine sampling of petrified wood and fossils from Central Washington.

34 pieces make up Banford Wong's "Beijing Symphony," a delightful collection of miniature agate carvings that took many years to assemble.

The masterful silver work of club member Robert Andrini, who also generously donated his time and talent fabricating three of this year's raffle prizes.

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